3 Lessons You Can Learn from Taika Waititi’s Rough Draft Filmmaking

Your first effort may not be sexy, but your hustle sure is.

If you’re getting down about your filmography consisting of not a single feature, don’t. Yeah, we all want to be Orson Welles and direct a feature-length masterpiece on our first go-around, but having a bunch of low-budget, low-quality shorts under your belt is actually a really great place to be. Just look at director Taika Waititi. Sure, he directed a ginormous blockbuster last year with Thor: Ragnarok, but before he was helming one of the best Marvel films ever, he was crafting delightful indie features like Hunt for the Wilderpeople and Boy, and before that, he was crafting no-budget shorts that laid the foundation upon which he would build his later work.

In this video essay, Luís Azevedo of Fandor examines Waititi’s career to show us how “rough draft” filmmaking can be just as beneficial and rewarding as working on a high-value, big-budget project.

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