4 Takeaways From Director Tim Robbins on Creativity Behind and In Front of the Camera

The Oscar-nominated director (and Oscar-winning actor) has played multiple roles on film sets, often simultaneously.

Tim Robbins has had a towering career. A glance at his IMDB page highlights 73 acting credits, as well as ten directing credits, seven soundtrack credits, four writing credits, and an Oscar nomination for Best Director (for Dead Man Walking in 1995).

The crazy thing? Tim Robbins only got into acting for television so he could quit his job delivering pizza. He started out as a punk-rock pizza delivery boy with aspirations to be a director. But then, he got cast in a film directed by Robert Altman. “I went to the best film school ever, the Robert Altman School,” said Robbins in conversation at the 2018 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

Seeing Altman at work, Robbins realized that the idea of the auteur was bogus, leading him to formalize how he would make his directorial debut, Bob Roberts, a satire about the political campaign of a millionaire businessman who loves beauty pageants and wants to save America. Holy Déjà vu, this film was made in 1992?

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