5 Ways to Creatively Use Shutter Speed in Your Film

Shutter speed may not be the sexiest setting in your camera, but…wait…or is it?

When it comes to “the film look,” shutter speed ranks high on the list of essential elements. This is because when your shutter speed is set at double the inverse of your frame rate, which is often the cinema standard 24fps, a very natural looking motion blur is produced, one that most movie-goers are used to seeing in the vast majority of films. But even though there are good reasons to follow this rule of thumb, there are also many reasons to deviate from it to get creative. In this video, Jordy Vandeput of Cinecom shares five practical ways you can experiment with your camera’s shutter speed to create some interesting effects. Check it out below:

Like I said earlier, the rule of thumb when shooting a scene is to set your shutter speed at double the inverse of your frame rate. So, if you’re shooting at 24fps, you’d set your shutter speed at 1/48 or 1/50. Or, if you’re shooting some slow-motion footage, say, at 60fps, you’d set it at 1/240 or whatever’s closest (like 1/250).

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