Collaboration & Creativity For All: Celebrating 10 Years of the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective

The popular collective located in the Borough of Kings works endlessly to prove there’s no better source of inspiration than your peers.

Filmmaking and teamwork go nearly hand-in-hand and the most successful projects are often a reflection of a successful collaboration. There is perhaps no better way to foster that collaboration than by joining a film collective.

But what exactly does a collective do? In honor of our 10th anniversary, I asked a few of my fellow members of The Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective (BFC) to share their experience bringing their respective projects to life through the collective.

The collective is a group of around 50 filmmakers who meet to workshop and give feedback on each others’ works-in-progress. Projects range from nascent ideas to fine cuts (and everything in between). At our core, we are a workshopping collective: each week, different members present to the group and then receive constructive criticism from a group of peers they know and trust.

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