DMG Lumière Rosco MIX Lets You Instantly Match Set Lighting to Photos

Match colors from a photograph to your set light—no gels required.

We’ve all seen a color in an image and wanted to recreate it. To take ourselves back to a magic moment in history, to capture a perfect sunset and bring that light to set. With the new features from the MIX line of lights from Rosco and DMG Lumière, we can do that more easily than ever before, by taking a photo or loading one in our phone, picking the color, and then bang, it should be recreated by the light.

Of course, factors like original camera, recording camera, and subject all play into it, but even if it can’t perfectly match your original subject, there will be countless times this is useful on a set. An advertising creative director could dial in a specific lighting scheme for a campaign and roll it out through a variety of commercial spots. A DP and a Gaffer can share color schemes. This kind of technology will make life easier on set, as will the myMIX App, which not only allows you to control your MIX LED fixtures from your mobile device, but also to share your color mixes with anyone else who has the app.

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