‘Revolutionizes the Film Industry and Our Lives’: Here’s How to Benefit from the Blockchain

A panel addressing the blockchain and its revolutionary possibilities for independent film took place in Cannes.

Unless you’re this guy, you’ve probably heard of Bitcoin, the crypto-currency currently revolutionizing the way people look at money. Bitcoin, though, only works because of something called the blockchain, which several companies are trying to turn into the next big thing in film production

What is the blockchain? The UK Film Centre, as part of the International Pavilion at Cannes, attempted to answer that question during a panel called Blockchain 101, moderated by Emma Jones from the BBC and featuring Dan Hyman, VP of Finance at SingularDTV and Ashley Turing, CEO of LiveTree.

What is the blockchain?

According to Hyman, “the blockchain is nothing more than a decentralized shared database of information.” It could be anything from transactions to payments, transfers of value, secure identities, or medical records. it is information which is shared instantaneously across all parties in any given process.

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